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Comuna is a production collective and a pioneering project space. It emerged in 2012 inspired by the desire to create structures that could serve for the experimentation of cultural practices that would contribute to new formats of congregation and collaboration around independent art made in Rio. Comuna sought to carry out this mission through the occupation and management of a house in the Botafogo neighbourhood that through it's 9 years of existence, hosted different initiatives and activities (artists studio, gallery, bookstore, multi-brand store, parties, concerts, fairs, etc.). In this process, it established itself as an award-winning bar and restaurant, becoming a meeting point for entrepreneurs, local artists and overall food, music, publishing, art and fashion enthusiasts. Outside it's headquarters, Comuna signed the production of more than 60 events through several partnerships with other groupings like Selvagem, Mamba Negra, Dekmantel, A Bolha Editora, A Junta Local, among others.

My role I co-founded Comuna and was part of its management team, articulating strategies, ideas and visions that allowed for a unique project design to navigate between cultural space, production enterprise, restaurant and brand. I was also director of it's programming, which for 9 years had weekly activities such as parties, concerts, exhibitions, educational gatherings and other initiatives brought in from Rio's artistic network.

Co-founded and directed the programming of the space • Comuna
Created and direct the platform • –coro–fundo–
Curate and produce the event • –coro–fundo–Festival
Wrote and directed the documentaries • Recreo e My Girlfriend
Co-directed and co-curated the exhibition space  • casamata
Produced and co-created the art book fair • PÃODEFORMA
Organized, wrote and produced the exchange program • Visita

Images of the party "Lâmina" at Comuna's Cabine (booth in portuguese) and the patio area of the house. // Photography: Filipe Braga

Concerts performed in different areas of the house. // Artists [clockwise]: Henrique Lugério - Akin (Photography: Elisa de Paula) - Azuuuuuuul (Photography: Ivan Nishti)

Djs playing at Comuna's Cabine (booth in portuguese). // Artists [clockwise]: Marta Supernova () - JF - () Brasil Grime Show - GLAU e ANTCO(Photography: AMICHAVY)

Different social and work spaces of the Comuna headquarters, in Botafogo.

Posters of different types of events that made up Comuna's cultural programming. // Varied designers

Internal facade of the space projected by Helô Duran. // Photography: Eduardo Magalhães

One of Comuna's walls with posters of various events from the city's cultural network.