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–coro–fundo– is a platform created to foment Rio de Janeiro's independent electronic music scene and its agents. Through the elaboration of projects (on and off the dance floor) that articulate concepts such as visibility, locality and documentation, –coro–fundo– seeks to discuss the artistic, social and political practices linked to the specific construction of a "Rio" scene. In its first year of existence, –coro–fundo– held parties and festivals, produced documentaries, workshops and other educational activities (more information on the projects –coro–fundo–Festival, Recreo and My Girlfriend).

My role I founded and built the platform's overall vision. I also act as its director, researching and developing the concepts that are articulated in its different projects while also leading the artistic curatorship of its events.

Co-founded and directed the programming of the space • Comuna
Created and direct the platform • –coro–fundo–
Curate and produce the event • –coro–fundo–Festival
Wrote and directed the documentaries • Recreo e My Girlfriend
Co-directed and co-curated the exhibition space  • casamata
Produced and co-created the art book fair • PÃODEFORMA
Organized, wrote and produced the exchange program • Visita

Image of –coro–noite–, quarterly party of –coro-fundo–. // Photography: Ana Wander Bastos

Posters of editions of –coro–noite–.

Workshops and lectures produced by –coro–fundo–.

Podcast with agents of Rio's scene for a Lot Radio and Lapa 55 streaming project.

Podcast featuring the participants of the label "Domina" to launch their V.A compilation.

Anis Yaguar's performance at one of the events held by the platform. // Photography: Marcele Tauchen