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PÃODEFORMA is the name of one of the first independent art book fairs that took place in Rio de Janeiro, as a response to the urgencies of the sub-cultural movements within independent publishing art in Brazil. Made in partnership with A Bolha, a seminal independent Brazilian publisher, the project connected the local audience with new works of independent editorial production and at the same time served as an economic support structure for artists, collectives and publishers outside the traditional circuit. PÃODEFORMA held 3 annual editions, each lasting 2 days, with more than 50 exhibitors from different regions of Brazil and more than 2,000 visitors.

My role I co-created the project and was head of its production, working with the concept development and format experimentation of each edition while also curating its music segments.

Co-founded and directed the programming of the space • Comuna
Created and direct the platform • –coro–fundo–
Curate and produce the event • –coro–fundo–Festival
Wrote and directed the documentaries • Recreo e My Girlfriend
Co-directed and co-curated the exhibition space  • casamata
Produced and co-created the art book fair • PÃODEFORMA
Organized, wrote and produced the exchange program • Visita

Exhibitors and general public at the third edition of the fair. // Photography: Renan Monteiro

Second and third edition posters. // Artists: Heather Benjamin and Felipe Norkus

Heather Benjamin, the second edition's guest artist, at her vending booth.

Exhibitors and general public at the third edition of the fair. // Photography: Renan Monteiro

Drawings and illustrations by the artist Rodrigo Martins displayed in the second edition of the fair. // Photography:Alice Turnbull

Exhibitors and general public at the second edition of the fair at Bagaana's booth. // Photography: Alice Turnbull

Jhonny Blazer // Foto: Renan Monteiro