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–coro–documenta–My Girlfriend
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Based on a narrative inspired by their fun and original name (My Girlfriend is Programming The Roland TR-909 Making a House Beat), the film documents an afternoon of Benjamin Sallum and Zopelar's creative process.The duo is behind the live presentations, DJ sets and especially the music of the moniker "My Girlfriend". In between buying and listening to records, turning on the gear and sampling songs, the duo shared their recent history and talked about relevant themes and ideas that guide them when it comes to thinking about music and making it. The shooting of this film resulted in the track "Lado C", available for free download with its release. (here).

The film was made with the aim of inspiring Rio's general public through the creative processes of Brazilian electronic music producers. In addition, the duo MyGirlfriend performed on one of the –coro–fundo– events.

My role I directed the film and wrote its script.

Co-founded and directed the programming of the space • Comuna
Created and direct the platform • –coro–fundo–
Curate and produce the event • –coro–fundo–Festival
Wrote and directed the documentaries • Recreo e My Girlfriend
Co-directed and co-curated the exhibition space  • casamata
Produced and co-created the art book fair • PÃODEFORMA
Organized, wrote and produced the exchange program • Visita