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A unique experience within the cultural context of Rio, –coro–fundo– Festival is a musical celebration made for and by the local independent electronic music scene, with over 50 different cultural agents based in Rio de Janeiro, and more than 2,000 enthusiasts. The Festival was built with the purpose to place the work of this community in a central stage, in an effort to propose some resistance to perceptions that overvalue external influences in detriment of what is locally being created.

Its first edition was guided by the idea of visibility. This theme was articulated through the production and exhibition of a documentary about the Chilean project Recreo, an initiative that inspired the creation of the –coro–fundo– Festival. . (+ info here)

In its last edition, to highlight the importance of documentation, –coro–fundo– interviewed and photographed all 31 artists participating in the festival, in order to develop a unique visual and textual catalog of the scene that unfolded throughout the event's communication and promotion. (+ info here)

My role I directed the project conceptually in all its stages (theme, content, curatorship and event).

Co-founded and directed the programming of the space • Comuna
Created and direct the platform • –coro–fundo–
Curate and produce the event • –coro–fundo–Festival
Wrote and directed the documentaries • Recreo e My Girlfriend
Co-directed and co-curated the exhibition space  • casamata
Produced and co-created the art book fair • PÃODEFORMA
Organized, wrote and produced the exchange program • Visita

Performance by Pulva Cosmos on the main stage of the second edition of the festival. // Photography: Francisco Costa

Visual catalog of the artists participating in the second edition of the Festival. // Photography: Rafael Meliga

One of the stages in the festival's second edition. // Photography: Francisco Costa

Promotional video for the second edition of the Festival. // Designer: bnuro